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Yesterday, we noted that Katie Holmes' unimpressive turn in Thank You For Smoking was virtually the only one not pimped for awards consideration by Fox Searchlight on their screener for the film, but today Page Six reports that "sources close" to Holmes (read: scrambling publicists) claim that the decision to leave her off the list was her own:

IS Katie Holmes trying to deep-six her career? Sources close to soon-to-be Mrs. Tom Cruise say Fox Searchlight Pictures wanted to include her name for a possible Oscar nod on the screener of "Thank You for Smoking" sent to Academy members - but Holmes' camp "respectfully declined" the offer. The movie had caused a stink with Cruise because of Holmes' nude scenes, which were snipped after just one screening.

If true, we'd argue that the self-snubbing was a savvy move; her "camp" has probably generated considerable goodwill from her peers by refraining from asking them to relive the unconvincing, uncomfortable sex scene that is the centerpiece of her performance. In fact, if her handlers are interested in promoting what's left of her career, they should perhaps issue alternate screeners of her work in The Gift, reminding potential co-stars and employers that there once was a time when they might not have been crippled by cognitive dissonance by the sight of a half-naked Holmes engaging in intercourse with a man of normal stature.

In other Holmes-related snubbing news: Oprah Winfrey, supplier of the world's most famously abused couch, did not make the Holmes and Cruise's short list for their wedding. In lieu of sending flowers, please make a donation to one of Oprah's favorite charities as an expression of your sympathy. Also not going: Holmes ex Joshua Jackson, ensuring the affair will contain as few reminders of long-lost romantic normalcy as possible.