'Dirty Blonde' Book Club: Frances Bean's First Word Not 'Heroin'

Put on your reading glasses, because it's time for another literary journey into the highbrow world of Courtney Love, via her "book," Dirty Blonde. Now, maybe you've seen the documentary and you think you know all there is to know about Kurt and Courtney's relationship. Well, do you know Courtney's innermost, most high-sounding and disjointed thoughts about it? Ok, maybe. Well, do you know what Frances Bean's first word was? Not unless you've traveled with us past the jump.

It needs to die. It'd be much cooler to have Poets and Writers ok ok I want to kill it. I can see right through it. Like Camille Paglia's Theory of Baudelaire, secretly massively desiring to be a submissive lesbian. I can see it smell it and it, makes me, HAPPY. Things I Want. Brilliant&Best&Most Honest SONGS STRONG PRACTICE Kurts happiness Erics happiness English press Video English shows Tour managers Solid relationship. True LOVE. baby Integrity Sincerity Compassion Respect Appetite- photos - SKIN KIDS Babys first word! Pee
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