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It's not often that Chuck Klosterman gives us a priveleged peek into his innermost thoughts, so we were thrilled — and, frankly, shocked! — to learn about some of Chuck's writing methods. We thought we'd share the quotes that surprised us most.

I haven't really done much of anything today. I got up at 10:30, tried to do a little writing, but really didn't do anything. I went running, then I had to buy a Syd Barrett Pink Floyd record for something I'm working on, so I walked to the store and bought that. Then I came back here and I've been watching an NFL Films documentary on Lawrence Taylor. That's basically been my day. Not too strenuous.

It's confusing. I write pretty fast, probably faster than most people. But I might think about something for six hours, then write it in 20 minutes. So did I write for six hours and 20 minutes, or just 20 minutes? I never know how to answer the question.

If I'm doing an Esquire column, I'll write it on a Monday night, then go through it Tuesday afternoon. That's about it. If somebody asked for the first draft of something I'd written, it'd probably be pretty close to whatever got published.

Elsewhere in the article, Chuck reveals another startling tidbit. Did you know that he has quite a fondness for Radiohead? Our heads are spinning.

Chuck Klosterman: The AV Club Interview [The Onion]

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