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We always look forward to the release of Film Threat's annual Hollywood powerless list, "The Frigid 50," and the 2006 edition provides yet another entertaining rundown of people and things that have managed to run cold in an eventful, but often unpredictable, showbiz year. You'll find the obvious candidates (#1: Mel Gibson, #28: Brandon Routh), a healthy smattering of controversial honorees (Borat, your shivery lack of sequel potential earns you second runner-up status), and even a bonus entry (yes, Colin Farrell, your expert nose for potential stinkers forced them to add a #51). As always, it's difficult to choose just one delightfully meanspirited entry to quote, but something about the subtly implicative undertones in their blurb about Scarlett Johansson's career trajectory deemed it worthy of spotlighting:

12. Scarlett Johansson Despite being a unique talent in Hollywood (boobs) with a distinctive voice (cleavage) and a strong work ethic (knockers), Scarlett can't seem to find herself in any huge tits. We mean hits. The biggest hit of her career (breasts) came in a film where she barely said anything and opened with a title sequence on her pink-pantied bottom. Anti-Freeze: A Playboy spread - then we can finally stop fantasizing about her chest.

It would be unfair if Johansson was saddled with the "frigid" label merely because of the editors' frustration at being denied entrance to the same press-access zones as Isaac Mizrahi, but we imagine the poor box office showing of her last two major releases, Scoops and The Bra Dahlia, also figured in heavily while assessing her goosebumpily glacial status this year.