Tinz and Topsie: The Plot Grows Ever-Thicker, Like Tinz's Skull

The not-so-veiled item in New York Social Diary about the troubles lurking in Tinz's marriage to professional preppie Topper Mortimer inspired the professional debutards behind Socialite Rank to offer a defense of Tinz and Topsie's marriage. Some choice bits:

The truth is that the couple has been shopping for place together for years, which they just moved into approximately a month and half ago. Topper is extraordinarily private, Tinsley is colossally public. He came to only about three or four events over the last six months and even during the parties they tend to stay apart as a reflex.
A gag reflex? More, plus some of the socialistically astute comments, after the jump.
Just three weeks ago, he came to Bungalow's 8 Halloween though he left early to for a strip club after-party at Scores only to be later joined by his wife. There are issues in their relationship however. With all of her dedication to partying, Tinsley rarely looks at other men, but when Topper glances at other women she gets visibly jealous and possessive.
Ooh, catfight!
Another obvious problem is that Tinsley is simply going out too much, leaving her husband approximately twenty hours of free time a week. His buddies jokingly told us that the socialite almost contradicts her jealously by giving Topper the time and space for a possible affair.
We knew it. It's all Tinz's fault. Sayeth a commenter:
Let's see...she goes out 7 nights a week and hangs all over dudes non-stop for "dramatic action-packed social shots" and Tops gets to try to lead a semi-normal life. He gets home from the ol' banking job and wants to kick it and she is just starting her day. He's not insecure...the bucks are in the bank and there a wide swath of great real friends to hang out with (and not her fruitcake friends like Richy Rich). He should be hitting anything that doesn't have a camera-addiction.
And just because we can't resist:
Topper was dressed as UPS guy for Halloween, talk about normal and down-to-earth.
Topper ... UPS guy ... brown uniform ... deliveries ... mmm, delish.

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