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Apparently, Neil Strauss's Rolling Stone interview with Sasha Baron Cohen — the first that Borat's creator has shucked his moustache and fictitious persona for — isn't half bad. But the lessons he learned from the interview — and promptly shared with his mailing list of desperate ugly wannabe Pick Up Artists — show us why he's so beloved of Judith "OJ Profiteer" Regan.
In the email, he tells of adopting an alter ego who sounds very familiar:

He would be a slow-talking, ultra-suave, super-cheesy lady's man. His name: Manwhore. His nationality: a little island off the coast of wherever you'd like him to be from . . . because it was a little silly, I even invented appropriate tongue-in-cheek lines to go with it.

Strauss goes on to tell his acolytes that, if they do Manwhore-style stuff, it'll help them "to approach groups, to improve [their] posture, to be more sexual, to alter [their] style of dress, to think of [themselves] as someone quality people want to be around." And why not? After all, it worked for Borat! And for Neil. Wait, did it?

I always thought it would be funny if I ended up taking someone home without ever breaking from the Manwhore character - and then shared it as a field report on the community message boards, so that guys all over the world would start going out as Manwhore and meeting women. Alas, it never happened.

Nice one, Neil. Boy, it kind of sounds like you're an overcompensatey loser who spreads a dangerous message of sexual aggressiveness to pathetic men! Haha, just neggin' ya.

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