It was weird and off-putting enough when Reuters dispatched tech reporter Adam Pasick to establish a "bureau" in virtual world Second Life. But with the creation of church, of course, comes state — advertising is the bestest new thing in Second Life, which should complete the process of making that magical place just as tedious as the real world. In particular, agency Ad-Option recently built a virtual home for American Apparel, stuffed with scantily clad employees no doubt rolling around in cheap apartments. Now, they're putting together a facsimile of Times Square, set to open just in time for a re-creation of the New Year's Eve ball drop. And oh yes, there will be ads — big garish billboards of every description, for sale immediately to credulous buyers. Probably no room for the quarter-driven porn booths of yore. Can a virtual Meatpacking District be far behind?

Newsflash! Times Square Enters Second Life [Adrants]