Great Moments in Journalism are submitted by readers, and can be sent to this address. We're pretty much hitting bottom on this one (Washington Square News makes high school papers look like the frigging Times), but this Moment is too great not to pass up. Here's an impassioned plea for the plight of the brainless clubgoing female, who is too dumb to understand that the guys buying her drinks really just want to do it to her:

You girls are not humans inside a club; you're commodities, like bottles of vodka, to be sold. And you unknowingly consent to this. A club's success can hinge on the amount of girls inside. They sell you — you're why guys pay to get in. To me, this is an extremely backward practice in our progressive country. But this position as a commodity is exactly what you girls crave, isn't it? It plays right into your insecurities — it gives you a sense of importance and worth that you probably don't find elsewhere. The truth is that you girls want as much attention as possible, short of becoming prostitutes, right? Don't worry, Kanye West said it's okay to be self-conscious.

He also quotes Dane Cook!

Girls exchange dignity for attention in trendy clubs [WSN]