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As a white, college-educated, American born male, I presumably could have gotten into any number of fields and should have done well. Not to belabor the point, but I was sort of expected to succeed at something.

But at what did Brian Carter choose to succeed? Why, that time-honored career path for white, college-educated, American-born males: shaking down minorities.

A week after completing my [real estate] licensing exam, I was explaining to an Indian couple why that particular unit was such a smart move. They didn't take the apartment, but I left there feeling pretty lit up. I calculated what my fee would have been had they taken the apartment and then immediately began devising ways in which I could have forced them into it.

Ahh, it's always nice to hear from someone who takes real pride in what he does. Question, though, Brian: do you think publically admitting that "if they sign the lease, the checks all clear and no lawsuits are filed, you did your job successfully" might cut into your profit margins at all?

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