GQ Reveals Lindsay Lohan's Post-Clubbing Ritual

In exchange for being named GQ's "Obsession of the Year," sometime actress Lindsay Lohan gave the magazine an exclusive look at what she does after completing her draining, nightly tour of Hollywood's hottest, most exclusive bathroom stalls, simulating her bedtime ritual for their photographer. Upon returning to her unfurnished lodgings (who has time to decorate with her schedule?) as the sun begins to rise, she ritualistically burns a tabloid accurately reporting her latest, hangover-related set absence, and becoming strangely aroused by watching her own image slowly incinerated, spends the next four to five hours writhing on a pile of glossies on a bare mattress before finally collapsing from exhaustion, where she remains until her call time has safely passed. Though thoroughly dehydrated when she finally rises in the mid-afternoon, she eagerly heads off to work to start the entire cycle anew.