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Dear twelve thousand people who wrote to us last week to tell us that the hype and lines surrounding Momofuku Noodle Bar are totally justified: get excited! Next week, you will be clogging the sidewalk at the corner of Allen and Rivington, where a new pho bar from an ex-Fleur de Sel chef is opening for business on the 21st. Promising signs that this soup stand will be the new hotness: 1) its below-Houston location — hello, going to Momo means that you have to venture dangerously near the 14th St. invisible barrier that delimits your life 2) "orange and brown decor" and 3) the name sounds sort of like Kombucha, the $3 vinegar soda thing that we always see rich hippies (who are a well-known hipster-yuppie variant strain) drinking on the L train. So there you have it: pho is the new ramen. No word yet on whether any of Kampuchea's menu items will resemble your Asian boyfriend's ass in any way, but here's hoping.

The Strong Buzz [4th item] via Grub Street