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Those affluent and upscale enough to still be watching Studio 60 will undoubtedly recognize the name of Pahrump, Nevada as that of the sleepy desert town where the series' most recent pair of episodes was memorably set, a multi-part farce about the ostensibly hilarious collision of snobbish Hollywood folk and the locals who take glee in using their their quirky, autocratic justice system to torture the fancy-panted interlopers. Reuters reports that the real-life community is up to the same kind of liberal-upsetting activities that one might have expected from John Goodman's seemingly good ol' boy judge:

A Nevada town passed a law this week making it illegal to fly a foreign nation's flag by itself, the latest swipe by a U.S. community at illegal immigrants.

The town council of Pahrump, which lies in the Mojave Desert west of Las Vegas, voted 3-2 on Tuesday to make flying any foreign flag above the U.S. flag or alone an offense punishable by a $50 fine and 30 hours' community service.

All of the illegal alien protesters are waving Mexican flags, and we just got tired of it," town board clerk Paul Willis told Reuters in a telephone interview.

"This is the United States, and the Stars and Stripes should fly supreme," he added.

Idealistic series creator Aaron Sorkin must be dismayed to discover that Pahrump has backslid so quickly after he redeemed his fictionalized version of the town by having his judge set free the blue-state aliens in his captivity, whom he admonished with the command (delivered immediately after the words PAY ATTENTION: STATEMENT OF THEME AHEAD briefly flashed on the screen), "Stop thinking that everybody between Fifth Avenue and the Hollywood Bowl just stepped barefoot out of the cast of Hee-Haw. Tell your friends about it." But we're sure that Sorkin's faith in the power of TV dramas about sketch comedy shows to change the world won't be shaken by this setback, and a future episode will feature Matt Albie and a previously unseen staff writer of Mexican descent vigorously debating immigration issues while punching up a bit called "Bowling for Green Cards."