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The Defamer Special Correspondent on the Shopping Habits of Former 'Tiger Beat' Cover Models is on the scene at the new H&M store in the Beverly Center, fearlessly providing us with this blurry cameraphone photo and a real-time report on the whereabouts of off-puttingly smooth-headed Dancing with the Stars also-ran Joey Lawrence. Blackberries our operative as he tries to avoid detection:

Being currently unemployed, I am able to hang out at the Beverly Center during the day. And so, apparently, is Joey Lawrence. Here is the former Blossom star buying some new duds at the recently opened H&M. You'd think his latter day Dancing With The Stars career renaissance would enable him to do a little better than the Ikea of clothing stores. I mean Bloomingdales is right downstairs. But I guess not.

Should you currently be wandering the Beverly Center (and reading this from a handheld device or some kind of mall internet kiosk—and if you are, what the hell is wrong with you? Why aren't you at the pet store making cute faces at the puggles?), feel free to stop by and congratulate Lawrence on not being too proud about the modesty of his current post-reality-TV lifestyle to shop for reasonably priced clothes. We're sure he'd appreciate the affirmation from his adoring, supportive public.