From Eater comes word of LES B&T magnet Fat Baby's spread across the neighborhood, like some sort of real estate Ebola virus. If you've been wise enough not to enter what's been affectionately deemed "Hell Square" (roughly, Houston to Delancey St. north-south, Allen to The Delancey west-east) in the past year, you're unfamiliar with the special kind of hell that is Fat Baby and its ilk—an exclusively B&T-via-Murray-Hill crowd, the Killers on the soundtrack, and $12 mojitos. Really, we don't understand why anyone would stay away!

So what, exactly, do the Fat Babyers have in mind? A simple beer garden-slash-burger-joint at Ludlow and Rivington, according to Eater's tipsters. Sides of lipo optional, as we understand it.

Hell Square Update: Fat Baby Keeps Swelling [Eater]