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It's so hard to see the little ones grow up and take wing; you nurture them, tutor them in the ways of righteousness, and then send them out into the big, scary world, hoping that the values you've imbued somehow help them through life's most trying tasks, specifically, working for Maer Roshan. As Eat the Press reports, our own Intern Neel (whose tenure here at Gawker exceeds that of the four current editors combined) has taken the position of Assistant Editor at Radar. Neel, whose party dispatches were legendary and who elicits a flood of "Is he single?" e-mails to the tip line each time we print his photograph, will write front of the book stuff for the magazine (remember, there's going to be a magazine component) and Fresh Intelligence work for the website. Sorry as we are to see him go, we're thrilled for him, and we look forward to reading his work in the two issues of Radar they put out before the inevitable loss of funding. Congratulations, kiddo.

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