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A delicious deaf dumb and blind item filled article in the Financial Times picks up where Forbes left off with more tips on how to successfully marry, and stay married, to a Manhattan business mogul.

When it is your husband's event, you don't leave the house without first checking what he wants you to wear - something best done days in advance in case you don't possess a pair of cargo pants, or a Ralph Lauren polo shirt or your black-tie dress is too glitzy or too revealing and you are in danger of looking too attention-grabbing.

More hot tips: be a "listener and not a talker," remain "up to speed with current affairs and . . . . husband's businesses" and talk up your husband "at all appropriate moments but in a natural, non-unctuous way." Gosh, it's so much more complicated than we thought. We're almost starting to feel like it might be easier to just have your own career and hopes and dreams and stuff and not have to bone any weird geezers with burny-hands. But that's probably just us.

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