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The Defamer Special Correspondent on Possibly Suggestive Superproducer Small-Talk submits this snippet of conversation overheard at a fashion show last Friday (as well as the accompanying pic), lamenting that no free drinks were exchanged in the course of the following brief conversation:

At the D Voshion fashion show at Area Friday night: Megabucks producer Jerry Bruckheimer has no game, does not provide one drink minimum for the following conversation:

Jerry Bruckheimer: So what are you looking for tonight?
Asian Girl: What do you mean?
JB: What would make you happy?

AG: (looks skeptical) Good conversation and generally a good time. JB: And what would that be for you? AG: Seems like you're prodding me for a specific answer. JB: (leaning) Maybe. AG: A chocolate waterfall and a Maserati!

So I made that last part up, but I wished she'd said it, because if anyone could make it happen, it'd be JB. He'd even flip the car for free! Seriously though, isn't he married?

We're not so quick to ascribe untoward motives to Bruckheimer; after all, shouldn't a guy who's wealthy enough that a single day's paycheck could have him covered in escorts on a round-the-clock basis well into the next century be allowed to make some harmless conversation at a social function without it having to be a come-on? It seems clear that the girl's apparent skepticism caused her to fail a test that could have launched her to stardom, and should have answered the question about her happiness with, "Playing the next corpse on CSI: Miami. I think it's important to start small and earn every bit of success I eventually achieve in this business," a modest response that he producer would have immediately rewarded with a huge role in a future Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Or, at the very least, a job as a stewardess on BruckAir.