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We sincerely hope you've forgotten all about 'It' Girl Brooke "Belle in the Big Apple" Parkhurst — we wish we could — but an alert reader sends news of Parkhurst-promotion that's just too douchey to ignore. Seems a fawning profile ran recently in Belle's hometown newsrag, Pensacola Bella Magazine, about Parkhurst's amazing transformation from "Southern Belle" to "New York Hostess Diva." She gives parties, people! Unforgettable parties, parties as grand in scale as her unforgettable fivehead. But perhaps the most memorable part of the article, which includes tons of highly objective praise from Parkhurst's boyfriend, mom and literary agent, is this excerpt:

All her life, she had planned to follow the journalism paths of her mother and sister, Sloane Stephens Cox; and that of her late grandfather, Braden Ball, 30-year publisher of the News Journal. "And then suddenly, I'm a temp, and I'd go home after an empty and fruitless day,'' she said. That career derailment steered her onto the promising book-writing track.

The byline on the article? Sloane Stephens Cox. Um, do you think it's the world's biggest coincidence?

From Southern Belle to Hostess Diva [Pensacola Bella Magazine]
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