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Dude, I have no idea what to do this weekend! I'm torn between rock-climbing and seeing a sports game, because I am such a heterosexual male urban rugged individual. If I were a car, I'd be an SUV with a name like Ticonderoadster or Moutaineerio. Yeeeah! So I turn to a daily email newsletter to let me know what's cool, what's hip, what's hot, what's new, and most importantly what I can do with all this annoying cash I have in my wallet.
Sports game it is. But where should I eat dinner afterwards? This new restaurant Bar Martignetti sounds pretty sweet. It's a "no-nonsense brasserie" (hey, that sounds kinda dirty!) that serves "solidly wonderful" stuff like a goat cheese and beet tart and a duck confit salad. Aw, hells yeaah! And here is the best part:

their creed demands they not boot you even if you're the last man not passed out in his Sierra Nevada.

Dude, that is for sure a good thing because I pass out in my Sierra Nevada all the time. Depends on how much duck confit I've had, you know? Woot!

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