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Last week, Katie Couric mentioned her love of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins, a pleased DD franchise sent over a few boxes of the donutty wads, plus coffee. And because this is the world we live in, the blog commenter outrage began:

A[n] honorable journalist would have said thank you and turn[ed] the munchkins back. ... The whole affair gives the impression of being paid off. ... I was under the impression that CBS had standard[s] for getting gifts.

The CBS News Public Eye blog tried to kick this conflict up the chain of command, since if there's one thing every media executive wants to know about immediately, it's angry blog commenters. No response as yet from the senior vice president in question, but could this be Couric's Dan-Rather-like fall from grace? Developing!

Is There Such Thing As A Free Munchkin? [Public Eye]