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  • David Carr discovers, "the limitless appeal of the famous performing the mundane ." [NYT]
  • George Bush, Guardian reader. Also, particle physicist. [Guardian]
  • Diane Sawyer to succeed Charlie Gibson as anchor of ABC's World News Tonight.
  • Bank of America singing douchebags have violated Universal's copyright for, uh, parody of U2's "One." Where does Bono go to get his reputation back? [NYT]
  • Yahoo sees Google's newspaper ad deal, raises. [AP]
  • "Dr." Max Gomez to be replaced by rotating phalanx of nationwide fake doctors. [NYDN]
  • GQ, Men's Health, Maxim readers all got older and less wealthy last year, according to the latest round of numbers sure to be contradicted by the next set of metrics that comes down the pike. [WWD]
  • Brian Williams needs to spend less time reading blogs. [NYT]