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Brad Garlinghouse's memo, calling for Yahoo to spread peanut butter more selectively and more generously, strategically speaking, was talk of the town over the weekend. He was, briefly, a hero, a Jerry Maguire figure, someone with the guts to state the obvious. But the done thing, if you want to appear ahead of the game, is now to say the Yahoo SVP didn't go far enough, that he merely stated the obvious. (Welcome to the web-accelerated news cycle!)

Am I the only one who thinks the Garlinghouse peanut butter memo is boring? I had wanted it to be more of a grenade. News flash: Flickr competes with Y! Photos! The problem is, he's not ballsy enough to say: off with Semel's head! And he's not useful enough to say: here's how to fix it. So it's basically a loud way to end your career. He's toxic now. He doesn't even talk about peanut butter enough.