If you happen to be an avid reader of The Australian — and why aren't you, really — you'd have been treated this weekend to a profile of Paramount Group, a Soho broker that specializes in sending hot chicks on property visits. Rather than a bored suit or icy matron, why not enjoy the informed company of a professional model who's moonlighting in the real estate game? It's a sweet arrangement, as Paramount co-chairman Paolo Zampolli also runs ID Models, from which the realty hotties come. That model hive has quite an interesting track record — a quick check of their "About" page shows one of the infamous gossip-inducing pics of ID model Cinthia Moura taken with Bill Clinton back in 2001. And look, it's Sante d'Orazio! And ID Model Adriana Mucinska also spent time as arm candy for alleged masseuse fan Jeffrey Epstein. This seems like a good time to note, once more, that there are only superficial similarities and many differences between Epstein and would-be media mogullionaire Ron Burkle. But just coincidentally, here's something else you should know about Paramount/ID's Paolo Zampolli:

His clients include Ron Burkle, the Beverly Hills supermarket billionaire, for whom he has been trying to find a New York residence.

"I tried to buy Soho House (the private members' club) for him but they wouldn't sell," he says.

To put it another way, they wouldn't "put out." For our part, we couldn't think of a better use for Soho House than to serve as Burkle's personal harem storage locker. Keeps 'em off the streets at least.

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