Remember last week, when Jay McInerney got all huffy in New York magazine about how seriously lame the Upper East Side has gotten lately? (We're talking "seriously lame" among a group of people you probably don't have the social cachet, or the cash, or come to think of it, the desire, to be a part of. But we digress.) Anyway, today Michael Gross—740 Park, etc., etc.—posted a retort to McInerney's blowharding, claiming that he had to flee downtown because it was getting overrun with not our kind of people. A snippet:

Entitlement and its sibling, rage, now run amok in the former truckin'-ground of blissed-out Bohemianism. Once-quiet streets are filled with idling black town cars waiting for uptown walk-on-water types—legal thugs and hedge fund hogs, barking bankers and corporate flacks-the only people who can afford to move to the "new" Village. Their fur-clad stroller-Nazi wives, nannies and trustafarian brats flood the aisles at Balduccis , er, Citarella.

Not only that, but McInerney had the gall to call Gross out for moving uptown. Okay, gentlemen, please take your sniping outside. Say, Gramercy Park?

Village Under Siege Pt. 2 [Michael Gross]

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