Michael Gross Gives Downtown the Smackdown

Remember last week, when Jay McInerney got all huffy in New York magazine about how seriously lame the Upper East Side has gotten lately? (We're talking "seriously lame" among a group of people you probably don't have the social cachet, or the cash, or come to think of it, the desire, to be a part of. But we digress.) Anyway, today Michael Gross—740 Park, etc., etc.—posted a retort to McInerney's blowharding, claiming that he had to flee downtown because it was getting overrun with not our kind of people. A snippet:

Entitlement and its sibling, rage, now run amok in the former truckin'-ground of blissed-out Bohemianism. Once-quiet streets are filled with idling black town cars waiting for uptown walk-on-water types—legal thugs and hedge fund hogs, barking bankers and corporate flacks-the only people who can afford to move to the "new" Village. Their fur-clad stroller-Nazi wives, nannies and trustafarian brats flood the aisles at Balduccis , er, Citarella.
Not only that, but McInerney had the gall to call Gross out for moving uptown. Okay, gentlemen, please take your sniping outside. Say, Gramercy Park ?

Village Under Siege Pt. 2 [Michael Gross]

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