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We've already set our TiVos for tonight's episode of the Late Show, anticipating that David Letterman would probably have some questions for guest Jerry Seinfeld about a certain former castmate who recently tried out some controversial new material at the Laugh Factory. A tipster tells us that the taping has just ended, and that the Official Michael Richards "Sorry About The N-Bombs And Lynching Remarks" Tour has begun in earnest:

In case you didn't know, Jerry Seinfeld is scheduled to be on The Late Show w/ David Letterman tonight. Well, they got Michael Richards to be on the show via satellite. He apparently insists that he's not racist, even though he kept referring to "Afro-Americans" through the interview.


Richards is obviously well-coached; not only has his crisis management team made sure he's quickly making a public apology in front of millions of viewers, they've already trained him to drop the unfortunate business about sodomizing African-American hecklers with forks. Our tipster further says that Richards is claiming "rage issues," avoiding the "alcohol made me do it" family of excuses made pass by Mel Gibson. More information as it becomes available...

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmation from Seinfeld's reps that Richards appeared and apologized.