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We had a bit of a scare one night not too long ago when we wandered into one of our favorite bars in the city, Von, on Bleecker St. right off Bowery. It was a weekday evening, not too late, and yet we could barely get in the door. This was unusual. A horde of dress-shirted men were blocking it, talking loudly about closing deals and the like. This was even more unusual. Once we made our way past them, we sidled up to the bar and asked for a glass of Malbec (or whatever, we don't really remember what we ordered that night. But we digress.). The bartender was standing there in utter shock, kind of staring at the mass by the door, as if to say, "Please, don't tell me that my lovely little bar has gone the way of every other single fucking bar downtown, with their after-work crowd and their dumb guys acting like they're back at their college bar's Sink or Swim night."

We typically don't rock the "I remember when it was me and three other people living in Williamsburg, and we all used wood stoves for heat and the dive bar downstairs was our only source of food, and it was so punk rock" steez, but to be completely sincere for a moment (revolutionary, we know), we would be really, really bummed if anything ever happened to Von. It's been our go-to bar of choice since, like, forever. It's all-purpose as long as you're not a complete douchebag—you can take a date there, or meet a friend, or sit at the bar by yourself and no one gives a shit. Since that evening, we've been back to Von several times, and it's always been how we remembered it. So we think our oasis in the midst of Noho madness—with its excellent wine list, a dog wandering the premises, unpretentious bartenders, and reasonably priced drinks—is safe. For now.