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Damn, another story, vaporized. You remember it looked last week as though the legendary investors at Sequoia Capital had received a bloody nose on their investment in Netpickle, a startup with an irritatingly quirky name and a web slideshow product called RockYou. The company's founders were being sued by their former employer for plotting the new venture. Now Gigaom reports the parties have tentatively agreed to settle. It's a pity, because the courtcase promised to expose ill-judged IM conversations between the Netpickle founders — who planned the new project while in meetings at their old employer.

phdlance: basically, a funny slideshow with email distribution
support could make us viral

mekateK: huh... oh rms... thats [sic] scary. I can't tell what ur
[sic] talkin [sic] about... rms [rockmyspace] or ico[Iconix]... hehe