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The Reeler provides us a with a perfect opportunity to revive our long-dormant Fauxteur Fashion Minute feature, in which we rather uncharitably spotlight the sartorial shortcomings of Hollywood's hackiest, most style-impaired directors, by confronting Denzel Washington with this photo (at right, depicting Scott with comparative fashion visionaries Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Simpson, and Cole Trickle) of Deja Vu helmer Tony Scott:

"What was that?" Washington asked. "1980-some odd?"

1989, I think.

"Well, he's still got the pink hat," he said, then joked, "Which one is Tony?"

So it hasn't improved since then?

"He still wears that jacket!" Washington said, pointing at Scott's fisherman's vest. "You know what it is? I don't know about the shorts, but you know. Creatures of habit. What's the word? Not 'luck,' or whatever. But he does have his sort of uniform. Shorts. Talk about D j Vu."

We're relieved that Scott has somewhat superstitiously determined that it's the combination of faded pink hat (see inset), fisherman's vest, and era-appropriate shorts that grant him his hacky superpowers; we'd hate for him to completely lose his almost magical ability to quick-cut a movie into utter incomprehensibility just because he decided to shake up his wardrobe.

[Photo: Paramount Pictures via The Reeler]