Great Moments in Journalism: The Breakdown

You are, of course, familiar with our recurring Great Moments in Journalism feature, where readers submit particularly fantastic examples of particularly terrible work in the field. We've accumulated enough of these to form a potentially significant data set, and you know what that means: Bring on the pie charts. Oh yeah. After the jump, Intern Mary delves into the statistical deep to determine whose journalism moments are greatest, and who has those great moments most often. You'd figure we probably spend a lot of time picking on little hick town papers and their quaint little hillbilly turns of phrase, right?

Great Moments in Journalism, by Type of Media
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Great Moments in Journalism: The BreakdownWell actually, it turns out we pick on New York media the most. By far. Sure, local papers get the business as well, but with the endless buffet of New York journalistic transgressions laid out and steaming, it's no surprise we end up going back for seconds. But just for the sake of clarity, let's get really, really specific.

Great Moments in Journalism Nominees
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Great Moments in Journalism: The BreakdownEveryone gets their day in the sun, from our deadly nemeses at the Sacramento Bee to ... well, the New York Sun. Unsurprisingly, the New York Times takes the lion's share of nominations; perhaps we can charitably say it's because the paper of record produces such volumes of journalism that their incidence of bad apples will be higher overall. Or, you could say we just pay more attention to the NYT and give it much more grief. Nice to see that Slate beats out the New York Post, though. But if these are merely the nominees, what about the actual GMIJ winners, chosen each week by reader poll?


Great Moments in Journalism Winners
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Great Moments in Journalism: The BreakdownHello again, New York Times. And Slate again, in a dead heat with Vogue among others. Though perhaps Slate should be combined with its corporate parent Washington Post, which would give it a solid second place to the NYT. Synergy is back.


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