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Defamer is committed to bringing together readers who may have some unredeemed SAG vouchers laying around with individuals so desperate to obtain the golden ticket of union membership that they're willing to sacrifice their lucrative days jobs in the pursuit of their Hollywood dreams. Somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley, a struggling actor is offering to swap his power over criminally inflated sticker prices for some career assistance on Craigslist:

Porsche/Benz/Audi for SAG vouchers!!! I work for a large highline car dealership. Although selling cars is glamourous and easy and not a stressful job (Note the sarcasm) its not why I am in LA. I NEED TO GET SAG! I am willing to risk my standing in my job to get the oh so elusive vouchers. I am willing to cut a killer deal (As in below wholesale in some cases) on any of my cars in exchange for SAG gigs or straight up vouchers.

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All in all, it doesn't sound like such a bad offer. Whoever decides to help the enterprising Brandon ease his way into SAG will drive off in a heavily discounted luxury automobile, instead of ending the transaction in the way that such swaps of personal services for acting gigs usually unfold, with a producer pulling up his pants after an unsatisfying orgasm and yelling, "Now get the hell out of here before I forget to put your headshot on the top of the director's 'consider' pile." Then again, if a respondent is a good negotiator, maybe he can ride away with both the car and the humiliating blowjob.