Even though more than a month has passed since Yankee relief pitcher Cory Lidle fatally crashed his plane into the Belaire apartment highrise on the Upper East Side, the trauma continues:

The crash has left several people without homes for the holidays because of fire or water damage in 70 of the building's 130 apartments. Owners have fretted over repairs, insurance policies and property values. Industrial air filters have rumbled in the hallways at all hours. Contractors have monopolized elevators.

The humanity. Elevators monopolized. Filters rumbling. Owners fretting! "There is no protection for people in high-rises," complains one aggrieved elderly resident who had been marooned in the post-crash building after Mayor Bloomberg told reporters that it had already been evacuated. Levitating rescue robots for rich people are reportedly still under development.

Lidle crash impact lingers at high-rise [AP]
[Photo: Getty]