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Fabian Basabe, that dude who first attracted our attention by being on a rich-people reality show, marrying a lady even though he is obvs gay, suing Bungalow 8 for not letting him in, and calling a doorman a Negro, has gone and done something stupid. (Please take a moment to take a few deep, calming breaths if you need them.) Apparently Mr. Basabe ran a red light at CPW and 65th — which, hey, who hasn't run a few red lights? Like Fab (we're going to call him that now)'s lawyer Mark Heller says, "Sometimes [the light] changes while you're in midstream." However, running a red light drunk in a Hummer without (probably) a license is kind of asking for it. Of course, Heller blames the "bumbling" cops who tested Fab's sobriety with "antiquated and faulty equipment." We hope that Fab didn't encounter any more of that pesky stuff during the time he spent in jail!

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