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Sick of turkey? Who isn't? Let's have some ham! While we may scoff at the idea of pork at $108/lb, we've got to admit that we do love us some acorn-fed pig sandwiches. And while we'll probably be lining up with every other foodie twat for a ten dollar slice of jamon iberico when it finally reaches these shores in spite of ourselves, we're satisfied until then with the next best thing: the fantastic sandwiches available at Despa a (408 Broome, near Lafayette). While some may plump for the Salchichon de Bellota sandwich ("$12.50 for what is essentially some meat slapped onto a ciabatta roll that's briefly warmed in a sandwich press,") we're partial to El Quijote, a slightly less extravagant ($7.50) combination of lomo ebuchado (dry cured pork loin), manchego cheese, and quince paste served on a Sullivan Street ciabatta roll. If you've gotta eat (and, eventually, Adderall or not, you do), this is the way to go.

Despa a
Outrageously Simple, Extravagantly Expensive, and Totally Worth-It Sandwich [Grub Street]

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