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The Alan Hevesi story just got weirder. (In case you've forgotten, Hevesi is the embattled state comptroller who may or may not be removed from office for using a state vehicle to chauffeur his ailing wife about at taxpayer expense, which, you know, no one else in history has ever done.) The scandal resulted in Hevesi's being reelected with a mere 56 per cent of the vote, but the investigation proceeds, and, as the Post reported this weekend, has veered into an odd new direction:

The Albany County district attorney's criminal probe into Comptroller Alan Hevesi has been expanded to include his top lieutenant, who is suspected of providing a round-the-clock, state-paid chauffeur to former "Mod Squad" star Peggy Lipton... District Attorney David Soares' public-integrity unit is formally investigating whether Hevesi Chief of Staff Jack Chartier violated the law in providing a state-employed driver to Lipton, who was battling colon cancer at the time, the source said. "The Peggy Lipton stuff is weird," the source said. "He gave her 24-hour chauffeuring for like a year. He really loved her."

Surely, there's got to be plenty more of this out there. But what other servants of the people are driving around the stars of shithouse sixties TV on our dime? Is Mary Donohoe providing car service for Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.? Did Spitzer give a spin to the guy who played Dano on Hawaii Five-O? We demand answers.


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