Socialite Rank: The Investigation is Ongoing

Those intrepid Radar reporters are scraping their way to the bottom of one of the most vexing mysteries on the Upper East Side: Just who is behind the Socialite Rank website, which does such a lovely job of chronicling the foibles of our favorite debutards? The website's registration is private, and the site has raised enough hackles that one of the lovely ladies who's been featured has hired a detective to unmask the site's founders. But just why are those hackles being raised? According to Radar,

Aficionados frequent the site less for its posts, which are mostly unreadable, than for its message boards, where nightcrawlers and publicists eviscerate each other with creepy glee.

There's been no shortage of speculation as to which underemployed dyslexic might possess the stamina and motivation to write detailed analyses of Tinsley Mortimer's tennis serve at 4 a.m. or design a Photoshop collage featuring dozens of miniature Genevieve Joneses.

Oh, we could think of a few people. Anyone care to make a guess ?

Poorly Ranked Socialite Hires P.I. [Radar]

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