Ron Burkle Once Hearted Jeffrey Epstein's Plane, Dinner Menu

You've no doubt been asking yourself: Why haven't I seen Jeffrey Epstein's puckish mugshot in so very long? Worry no more, for here it is, along with a reader opinion on whether or not actual billionaire and aspiring mogul Ron Burkle and sexually bent financier Jeffrey Epstein were ever really, truly, friends:

Ron Burkle was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey hired me from a casting call our agencies sent us to serve drinks at his parties and dinners. Ron Burkle was at his apartment for more than one dinner. They were very friendly and talked about each other's planes. Ron flew on Jeffrey's plane for trips sometimes. I thought they seemed like friends.
We'll disregard the supersized creepiness of the phrase "Jeffrey Epstein casting call" to focus on the plane-related friendliness. One wonders what happened between these companionable dinners and the current era to turn Epstein into someone that Burkle "detests." Sure, it could be that he's just as repelled by Epstein's revealed kinks as anyone, but is there more to the parting of ways? Send your Burkle-Epstein anecdotes to .

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