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It's been less than a month since Universal laid out $42 million for the rights to Sacha Baron Cohen's next project, Bruno, but questions are already arising about whether Cohen's Borat-derived fame (and a wave of pesky lawsuits from the film's unwitting co-stars) will compromise the comedian's ability to once again expose America's not-so-latent intolerant attitudes, this time by adopting the disarming persona of a flaming Austrian TV host in a mesh shirt/bedazzled chaps ensemble who interviews monster truck fans outside the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex about whether they think Power Bottom will "win the game." The LAT discusses the aforementioned fame and legal problems, and also brings up perhaps the most substantial obstacle to Bruno's success:

Some critics question whether "Bruno's" flamboyant homosexuality will limit the film's appeal in certain parts of the country.

Indeed, potential moviegoers in "certain parts of the country" (the Times is too coy to specifically name East Gaybash, TX, but we know what they're getting at) might be a little put off by some of Bruno's antics, especially ones in which the fake host tricks an RV full of Southern frat boys to explore the erotic side of their brotherhood by getting them drunk on Goldschlager shots, then promising that the release they're signing guarantees any footage depicting their sexual explorations will never bee seen outside of a coin-operated video booth in an adult book shop in Vienna.