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The rise of the citizen journalist reliably contributes some thoughtful discourse to the public sphere, and it's never more apparent than when one news story dominates everyone's consciousness — as is the case right now, vis a vis the cops who fired 50 shots at a groom on his wedding day cause they thought he'd said something about getting a gun.

The racially charged incident that's dominating the front pages of the Post (Mike Takes a Shot at Cops) the Daily News (In a Flash, A Tragic Turn) and the New York Times (Mayor Calls 50 Shots by the Police Unacceptable) gets a similar highly prioritized treatment from a noted blogger (and soon to be author) who's an expert on clubs, and the nightlife that takes place therein. To wit:

Our policy at the door is simple: If a guy says he's going to his car — or anywhere else — to get a gun, he gets the shit kicked out of him before he can even take a step in that direction. The exchange will often sound something like this... "Yo! I'm a git my gat, an..." BAM!!! This is the sort of social commentary you'll get when I have no time. Thank you.

We can only hope that Rob has more time to continue to fill in the holes in this story soon.

Jamaica [Standing on the Box]