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You may have already tired of the current crop of debutards—we admit we've been hitting the Tinz pretty hard lately—but fortunately, a new class was sworn in Saturday night in Paris, WWD reports. In the grand tradition of debutard balls, the new ladies are an international array of the well-born and the sort-of well-bred. We've got Hannah Olivennes, daughter of Kristin Scott Thomas, who had these wise words: "I wasn't going to do it initially, but who would turn down the possibility of wearing Chanel couture?" Or Upper East Side "princess" (per WWD) Angela Mellon (pictured in her mermaid-ish Christian Lacroix gown at right), who said, "I came for fashion week and picked out my dress at the show." Then there's Caroline Ghosn, whose father is the chairman of Renault and Nissan chairman:

"Isn't this the best?" said Ghosn, a first-year student at Stanford, as her boyfriend, Vladimir Tenev, knelt on one knee to help her slip into her shimmering slippers. "Just like Cinderella."

Somehow, we have a feeling Ghosn's coach didn't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

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