A tipster forwarded an email that's gone around to the third-year students at NYU Law School, imploring them to vote on a "hotly debated but never settled question: 'Who are the most attractive 3Ls at NYU?'" In our experience, lawyers come in a close second to journalists on the face-for-print scale, so we're not holding our collective breath on this one. The email, however, offered some helpful advice for anyone voting:

You might find it helpful to peruse the law school picture book as you make your selections. You all probably have it bookmarked anyway, admit it. Keep in mind that many transfers don't have pictures. Don't hold that against them. There are some cuties in the bunch.

We want to emphasize that "attractive" can mean whatever you want it to. There's no requirement that physical appearance play any role in your selections. How you vote is completely up to you, with the only guidelines those you choose for yourself. After all, "personality goes a long way."

If the demarcation of students by seemingly arbitrary criteria bothers you, perhaps you shouldn't have come to law school. We can call it "Hot Review," if that makes you feel better. Oh, and chill out. It's just for fun. You have the rest of your life to hate what you do.

Also, lawyers aren't funny.

Who Are the Most Attractive 3Ls at NYU?