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Three months as a hostage in Iraq may have earned Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll a Harvard fellowship, but it can't help her escape the disdain of Boston Herald gossip columnists Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa. Indignant at Carroll's refusal to do an interview when accosted in a bar by a Fox assignment editor, Fee and Raposa note that despite Carroll's "pedestrian" education, her new gig at Harvard has made "one rather full of oneself." Probably didn't help that Carroll declined to comment further for the Herald, but really — how long is she going to ride that taken-hostage train, anyway? Note that this is the top gossip item in the Fee-Raposa column. New Yorkers, thank your lucky starlets.

At Harvard, Jill may be hale fellow, but she's not well met [BH via FishbowlNY]

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