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Another dispatch from that hideous Hearst tower, but this one kind of takes the cake. The boob-shaped cake topped with body-paint icing, that is.

"I don't have balls enough to fwd the e-mail (maybe someone else does) BUT - I just got a company-wide message saying "happy holiday shopping from hearst brand development."
it offers savings on branded merch like good housekeeping cookbooks, etc.
one of the categories ("cds, cover art, books, calendars" all seem pretty straightforward) is "romance products."
I was in hopes I'd get to save 15% on condoms that say ESQUIRE on them, so I went to the site. it took AGES to load, but I finally got there, and was directed to click thru to HERE
employees can type in a promo code to save on "the naughty girl whipper/tickler," among other things. thought y'all should know."

Man, what the 'Toos is missing, huh?

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