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Today, the erstwhile Daily Intel points us to a marked-for-deletion Wikipedia entry for one 'Jamie Isaac Conde,' whose great-grandfather Conde Nast started that whole magazine empire we seem to recall hearing about somewhere. Apparently, though, Jamie — like his namesake company — hasn't had an entirely scandal-free existence. Though he's trying (maybe — Wikipedia, people) to launch a career as a screenwriter, like most other inhabitants of his Californian zip code, he also has had a brush with violence, as evidenced by his interview in Gunstories, a book about teens and their experiences with guns! (What?)

We're going to go ahead and assume that someone out there knows better than an online open-source encyclopedia (after all, that's the philosophy that selfsame open-source encycolopedia is predicated on.) Can anyone tell us what's up with this guy? Is someone trying to slander him? Does he exist? And can he help us renew or Teen Vogue subscription, or no?

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