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So remember how, at the beginning of the summer, the Department of Homeland Security slashed New York City's terror funding by 40%? Well, it turns out that it was all a big mistake. DHS Head/Gollum Impersonator Michael Chertoff told a grant-writing conference that "We've come to the conclusion that perhaps there was a little too much bean counting and a little less standing back and applying common sense to look at the total picture." The Post reports that, going forward, the DHS will take a more reasonable approach to doling out cash, although that "won't bring back funds that have already been squandered fortifying Omaha and other Corn Belt cow towns." We're not sure what caused the change of heart on the agency's part (maybe it had something to do with the giant electoral walloping delivered to Chertoff's party in the recent elections, but who can say?), but we're thrilled that future monies will be allocated to better protecting our city's security: We've only got so many struggling indie actresses left.


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