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So, Fabian Basabe. Just arrested for drunk driving, which made us hopeful that the poster child for male debutards would finally lie low for awhile. Alas, wishful thinking. Over the transom comes a press release about the edition of 20/20 that John Stossel & co. will be broadcasting tonight, with a segment featuring our very own Mr. Basabe. Let's see what we have in store:

He thinks he crashed two BMW's in one weekend, and is not even clear on how many boarding schools kicked him out. "I don't know, maybe seven? Six, seven, nine?," he said.

He was also kicked out of college, says Fabian. "I brought my dogs to class, I sometimes didn't go to class," he said.

That was dogS, plural, mind you. More Basabianisms after the jump.

Basabe is no longer crashing cars or trying to stay in school, and says that he's focusing his energies on philanthropy, and pursuing a career as a TV personality. But he also seems to be focusing a lot of his energies on partying. "Premium liquor and champagne flowing, and ... caviar bars, and you know, all the stuff that you see in movies, and it's great," Basabe said.

He said over the years the partying had been financed by his father, who Basabe says is a rich business man who gives him a generous allowance (Basabe would not say specifically how much he's given). Basabe is also married to an heiress of the La Perla fortune.

He doesn't need the income, but Basabe did try the 9 to 5 routine.

About five years ago he took a job on Wall Street and said it was "great."

"I met people, I saw an office, you know, the cubicles, and you know, lunch at your desk, and I saw a lot of that," Basabe said.

But ultimately he said the working life, "just wasn't interesting enough for me."

"And it's a tough life. I mean, they work until one in the morning," he said.

Basabe quit the job and hasn't had steady employment since.

We highly recommend setting the Tivo for what's bound to be a truly thought-provoking hour of quality television.

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