As the year draws to a close, media organizations are busy putting together collections of lists and handing out gimmicky awards in an attempt to grab traffic and attention. (Yes, of course, we're working on ours.) A case in point is I Want Media's 2006 Media Person of the Year Poll, a venerable tradition going back all the way to 2002, when Martha Stewart took the title. So it's only natural that Rachael Ray, "the new Martha," (and conclusive evidence that we as a society are getting collectively stupider at an alarming rate) be included. Let's take a look at her qualifications.

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Reading, reading, seems fine, interactivity, blah blah blah - wait, what's this? "The "next" Rachael Ray may be coming soon: Atoosa Rubenstein is stepping down as editor of Seventeen magazine with the goal of becoming a multiplatform star for teen audiences."

Now, on the plus side, as a correspondent commented, "This is going to make bulimia so much easier!" On the other hand, you know, nooooooooo! Someone want to come down here and put the bullet in our brain? Appreciate it.

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