A seemingly still-intoxicated Danny DeVito showed up at The View today admitting he had yet to sleep after an all-night bender with Sexiest Drinking Buddy Alive George Clooney (actually, the slurring made it sound something more like "Cheorlge"), before promptly launching into a heavily bleeped "Bush as the fourth Stooge" routine, and a fond recollection of the erotic adventures he and wife Rhea Pearlman once shared in the Lincoln Bedroom. As unexpectedly gonzo as his inebriated appearance may have been, however, it came nowhere near the extreme heights reached by Monday's show, when DeVito's Deck The Halls co-star Matthew Broderick insisted on removing his shoe and sock and injecting heroin between his toes during Elisabeth Hasselbeck's fawning monologue about how much the character of Carrie Bradshaw means to her.