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Perhaps you've been following the story of the so-called Batcave, the abandoned building at Third Ave. and Third St. in Brooklyn, right by the Gowanus Canal and across from the to-be-built (once those pollution issues get settled) Whole Foods, where teenaged squatters had been living until the Daily News shined an unwelcome spotlight on them? Well, it turns out that squatters—bless their tattooed hearts—also know how to get online, and they're none too pleased at how they're being portrayed, no sirree.

Today, when Curbed posted an item about the latest developments in the saga (everyone got kicked out, the developer who owns the building posted a security guard there, etc.), the comments section was immediately overrun. A sample:

Your pathetic parroting of a sensationalistic Daily News article is beyond embarassing— You're just a wannabe jackoff smirking, oooooh... "junkies." Hey, forward your resume to Mort Zuckerman or at least Mike Lupica— reefer madness, dude!

We had no idea squatters were so ... literate.

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