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Born-again former groupie and author of The Thrill of the Chaste Dawn Eden is, stunningly, finding it a bit tough to locate the special someone who deserves her regrown ladytreasure. The problem? Even though "[celibacy] is a state of grace, where nothing penetrates you," sometimes things can get a little out of hand: "Kissing happens." It happens but rarely, though: Dawn does date, but "not very often. And not in a while." So has she been, you know, taking care of her own needs? GOD, no! "From the beginning, when I first started masturbating I always felt depressed afterward. As I drew closer to Catholicism I realized that masturbation was against my faith."

All this, and more, in a Radar interview by . . . wait for it . . . Peter Hyman. We suppose Dick Mucuousmembranethatpartiallyoccludestheexternalvaginalorifice was unavailable.

Eden's Not Cheatin' [Radaronline]
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